Our Choices

We must embrace an all-out power shift to keep communities whole. Over the coming months, the Governor and major leaders in the state legislature will debate some of the most significant energy policy decisions our state has ever seen. We have to decide what kind of Commonwealth we believe in: a state that looks within to local clean energy resources, innovates and excels while keeping us safe, or a state which guts clean energy and instead subsidizes the construction of immense gas pipelines, claiming land and water by eminent domain. The stakes have never been higher and our energy choices will reshape our communities. 

Our communities are powerful and yet they struggle in transitionIn Holyoke and Somerset, the end of coal-burning presents great economic challenges and great opportunities. In Plymouth and on Cape Cod, neigbors of the Pilgrim nuclear plant live in fear of the next Fukushima. In the Berkshires and Franklin County, in Weymouth and West Roxbury, in Ipswich and Dracut, communities bear the impending threat of destructive, polluting gas pipelines and compressor stations. In Gateway Cities and low-income communities, residents struggle to access the full benefits of the growing green economy. Facing these battles statewide, it falls upon all in the Commonwealth to ensure our state can power forward to a clean energy future.   

Read on to learn more about our energy choices. Join the fight to power Massachusetts forward with clean energy.

Our future depends on it