Clean Energy Call in Day, 1/17/18!

Rising seas. Blizzard weather. A climate denier in the White House. It’s time for Massachusetts to act on climate change. Can you call your state legislators today to take urgent action on clean energy this session?

If you don’t know who represents you, look up your state elected officials at or

Please take a moment to call your legislator using the guidelines below.



“Hello, my name is ____ and I am calling from _______. May I speak with [Rep.] or [Senator]’s office about energy legislation?


FIRST ASK (you may be transferred to another staff member):

I am calling to urge [__your legislator__] to do everything in their power to assure the legislature acts on clean energy and climate change in 2018. Failure to take action diminishes our leadership and leaves communities and jobs at risk. Will [__your legislator__] ask legislative leadership to move forward with clean energy this year?



Specifically, I support the Mass Power Forward 5-point agenda to meet at least 50% of our energy needs with clean energy by 2030, advance environmental justice, reform the Department of Public Utilities, ensure all communities can access solar energy and fully implement the Global Warming Solutions Act. Would you like more information about these five priorities? I can share bill numbers, or point you to more information online (, click the "Legislation" tab).



I am going to read you the bill numbers for each priority.

  1. 50% clean energy by 2030 (In “TUE” or Energy Committee) - (H2700 and S1876) There are many bills filed on the Renewable Portfolio Standard, our clean energy mandate. Please support at least 50% by 2030.
  2. Environmental Justice (In Environment Committee) - H2913 and S426  
  3. Solar for All (In “TUE” or Energy Committee) - H3396 and S1831  
  4. Reform the DPU and Prevent the Pipeline Tax (In “TUE” or Energy Committee) - H3400 and S1847 -  
  5. Implementing the Global Warming Solutions Act (currently in the Senate climate change committee) - H2149 and S479


Thank you for your time.