What's Happening, What's Next

This month, Mass Power Forward launched local 100% Renewable campaigns with press events in Franklin County and on the North Shore. In Greenfield, Western Mass activists gathered with State Rep. Paul Mark and Greenfield Mayor Martin to celebrate progress on clean energy and commit to pushing further with local outreach campaigns across Franklin County, the Berkshires and the Pioneer Valley.

Massachusetts beat back the Northeast Energy Direct pipeline, but Kinder Morgan has been granted permission for its Connecticut Expansion project, which impacts Sandisfield, MA in the Berkshires. Pipeline fighters are asking for allies to call on Congress.


UPDATE: Senators Warren and Markey have sent a letter to FERC. Read the letter here



Here's the bad news: Eversource Energy is proposing a large rate increase, coupled with fees on solar energy and a structure that reduces customer control as well as incentives for cost-saving energy efficiency. You can oppose this right now!

Over the past years, five pipeline expansions have been proposed in Massachusetts. Right now, the Kinder Morgan Connecticut Expansion pipeline - which is proposed for Sandisfield, MA, and would harm protected lands and waters in Otis State Forest as well as indigenous stone ceremonial landscapes, is hitting a major milestone that could set the tone for future pipeline permits. For more background, check out this article from Mass Live, or read on!

On Tuesday March 21st, local business owners and concerned residents unveiled a list of hundreds of local businesses endorsing the Stop the Pipeline campaign from across the state. The effort was spear-headed by a state-wide coalition Mass Power Forward with press conferences in Seekonk, Canton and Dalton.

A recent report by Synapse Energy economics questions the need for the Access Northeast project. You can read more on Synapse's blog, but here's a few snippets:

Is gas demand going up?

First, with or without a new pipeline, existing laws and regulations will cumulatively require New England’s use of natural gas for electric generation to decrease by 27 percent by 2023, relative to 2015 levels.

The Mass Power Forward coalition is pleased to announce our 2017-2018 legislative agenda

Our progress to date should be celebrated, but it’s clear that we cannot rest on our laurels. In 2017, Massachusetts needs to be bolder than ever on climate and energy policy. We are still falling behind states like NY and CA that have committed to at least 50% clean energy by 2050 and taken steps toward 100% renewable power. At the national level, we’re facing an unprecedented attack on critical laws that protect our climate and environment, making leadership at the state level more vital than ever.

As a coalition, we are calling for bold and historic commitments to clean energy over the coming legislative session. At the same time, we need to make sure that we continue to reduce  our use of fossil fuels and support communities in the transition from dirty energy and towards clean power.

Members of the Mass Power Forward coalition are descending on Beacon Hill to demand that our legislators do everything they can to promote a clean energy future! The stakes have never been higher. With climate deniers running the show in Washington, DC, we NEED Massachusetts to step up and lead. 

By Cathy Kristofferson and Emily Kirkland

Over the last year, the Massachusetts climate movement has made tremendous progress in stopping new fossil fuel infrastructure all over the state. With so much happening all the time -- announcements, press conferences, court decisions -- it can be difficult to keep track of what’s going on! That’s why we’ve put together this guide to the current status of each pipeline project.

Earlier today, the Supreme Judicial Court struck down the so-called “pipeline tax” (ENGIE Gas & LNG LLC v. Department of Public Utilities -- SJC 12051), which would have forced electric ratepayers to subsidize new gas pipelines.